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Be one of the 5,000 who are pledging $25/month (the price of a haircut or manicure) and produce a fund of $1.5 million annually.  This will be used to introduce legislation into Congress that will designate selected National Parks as OFF LIMITS to all aircraft.

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Even the most remote backcountry areas do not have pristine sound – air traffic is the #1 source of noise pollution. This noise pollution has strong impact on the survivability of wildlife, who depend on a clean sonic environment.  As well, the acoustic environment significantly impacts the enjoyment and safety of wilderness visitors. The FAA predicts that air traffic will more than double the 2007 levels by 2025.  The National Park Service entered into the Federal Register a notice to disregard all sources of noise that originate over the altitude of 18,000 feet.  It is therefore necessary to enact legislation that will designate selected national parks as off limits to all flight paths by aircraft (except in cases of emergency) and to create a National Quiet Places System.  The cost of avoiding flying over national parks, according to the Air Transportation Association, is less than one minute of travel time and cost less than one dollar per ticketed passenger.

Your tax-deductible donation will make a difference.  Be one of the 5,000 who are pledging $25/month (the price of a haircut or manicure).  This will result in a fund of $1.5 million dollars annually to achieve this legislative goal and provide the world’s first National Quiet Places System for generations to come. Natural quiet is rapidly becoming extinct.  Be one of the 5,000 who will protect this valuable resource.

Examples of Air Traffic Noise Pollution

Listen to
Air Tours over Haleakala

Listen to
Flightseer over Great Basin

Listen to
Helicopter over Haleakala

Listen to
Jetliner at cruising altitude over Canyonlands

Listen to
Jetliner at cruising altitude over Organ Pipe