Urgent News on Earth Day


As Earth Day promises bright flowers and rich birdsongs community efforts are blossoming to protect and preserve the natural quiet in Olympic National Park, the seventh most visited national park in the United States. One Square Inch of Silence, an increasingly recognized spot in the park, was recently profiled in CNN Great Big Story and The Huffington Post ranked OSI atop “15 Of The Most Relaxing Vacation Spots In America.”.

Yet all of this will soon change unless you help. The United States Navy has expanded Growler jet activity at nearby Naval Air Base Whidbey Island and plans to conduct Electronic Warfare Exercises on the Olympic Peninsula. While permits are still pending for coordinated ground activity, the Navy has already begun air exercises over and around Olympic Park. On my last three observation periods at OSI I noted audible military aircraft most of the time—jet noise as loud as thunder and much louder the any natural event in the park, including the rushing white water of the Hoh River itself.

U.S. Representative Derek Kilmer (WA) sent a letter March 27 to Sean Stackley, Acting Secretary of the Navy, expressing his concerns and asking many pointed questions about the plans, including how public comments were being incorporated into the environmental review process.

One Square Inch of Silence will continue to speak up for the preservation of one of America’s last remaining pristine quiet places. We recently contracted with research scientists at the University of Washington to study the natural soundscape and noise impacts caused by aircraft. Your past contributions funded the initial stages of this research–thank you! To continue this crucial preservation effort, we need additional funds.

Please donate now to help us press our environmental goal of establishing Olympic National Park as the world’s first Quiet Park—a pristine, sonic sanctuary off limits to all aircraft–including military war air exercises.

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