Dear Gordon

Dear Gordon,
It was the culmination of numerous events over the past few years that led my family of five to hike into the Hoh Rainforest yesterday, but integral to this pilgrimage was hearing your eloquent and calming conversation with Krista Tippett describing One Square Inch.

We are from Fullerton, a medium sized noisy city in Orange County California. I have been on a bit of a quest for a simpler more purposeful life. On Being became part of my journey. One Square Inch felt like a physical representation of all that I longed for and thus we planned our Spring Break around yesterday’s hike.

The hike was mystical, affirming, and in many ways spiritual. My wife Christina and my three children Owen, 15, Ethan, 13, and Paloma, 11, shared in my wonder of this other-worldly place.

We found the red One Square Inch rock (we think) although we didn’t see the Jar of Quiet Thoughts.

-Brad Borsari

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