Earth Day is every day

Earth Day is every day.  Long after the attention is gone, those who seek to preserve our Earth will continue their efforts, perhaps unnoticed and unlauded.  We at One Square Inch of Silence will continue our efforts to keep one place, one quiet place, where the earth sounds as it always has; without intrusion of the noises of machinery, technology, industry. Without the effects, if even subliminal, that these harsh sounds have on our psyche and spirit.  We seek to maintain a place where true quiet exists, for quiet is truly becoming extinct.  There are few places on this planet where one can go and not hear the sound created by man.   Even in the far reaches of the Amazon, where the only access to native peoples is by river, one can hear planes tearing their route through the sky.  Even in remote Antarctica the sounds of drilling and machinery sear across the ice.  Greenland, Mongolia, Africa, Europe, China – there are no quiet places here.  Even the great expanses of ocean are not spared, as sound carries rapidly across water from aircraft and ships.  

People say to me, “Oh, I know a quiet place.”   And I say, “Listen again.”  And they say, “Oh! I did not realize I could hear the steel mills in the distance, or the mining fifty miles away, the highway, or the tractors, the planes.”  And I say, “True quiet, those sounds only from nature, are very hard to find.”  And the person say, “Hmm.  That is disturbing.”

Yes, you can help.   Contact us a One Square Inch and we will let you know how.   Become a Friend of One Square Inch.   Send a donation so that we can continue our work.   Helen Keller said it so profoundly, “I am only one; but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something.  I will not refuse to do something I can do.”  You have the power as one.

There is power in one.
One Square Inch of Silence

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