Earth Day 2013

Earth Day.

A day to reflect upon our earth, to pause. To listen to it.

Really listen.

Our message from One Square Inch of Silence, is to invite you to listen. Not for silence. But, to be quiet so that you can listen to the Earth. To listen to what? Yes, the birds, perhaps the wind going through trees, a rustle here or there of an animal going about its business through grass or leaves. Be quiet. First on the inside. Quiet ourselves so we can breathe and pause. Then, listen some more. What else do you hear? I imagine that it may be difficult to really near nature. Traffic in the background, a plane overhead, a radio in the distance, the feet of a runner making her way through the park, earphones in place, laughter of children. What would you hear if there were no human sounds? What rhythms would we be made aware of that affect our everyday lives under our feet, around us, above us?

Today, on Earth Day, we invite you to Quiet. Find a place as steeped in as much natural surroundings as you can, take some moments to listen. Maybe try this at different times of the day. What are we missing by being distracted by man-made sounds? And reflect on the impact on nature: disturbing reproduction patterns, stressing plant-life, interfering with ecological patterns that keep Earth healthy.

What can you do to encourage yourself and others to quiet….quiet themselves to listen. Listen to the Earth.

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