Summer Hike up the Hoh

August is the driest and quietest month of the year at One Square Inch of Silence.  The early afternoon nature ambience consisted of the faint whine of winged insects and the murmur of the Hoh River in the distance measured at 32 dBA.  The first Sunday hike of the month was enjoyed Cordy & Tom Brady, Steven & Rick Broom and Gordon Hempton, Executive Director of OSI. Many elk prints were on the ground with only a few boot prints at this remote wilderness location.  One jet intrusion was observed at 1:15 PM, a private jet cruising at high altitude caused a disturbance measured at 37dBA.  This difference of 5 dBA is more than three times the acoustic energy!  Donate to One Square Inch and help us have Olympic National Park become our nation’s first no-flight zone for civilian purposes.

We are proud to introduce Steven Broom, Youth Volunteer Coordinator.  Steven is a student at Adna Middle/High School in Adna, Washington  He has a deep love for the wilderness and is a keen observer of wildlife.  You reach Steven at Welcome aboard Steven!

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