Applause for Hawaiian Airlines!

On April 16, 2006, an aircraft identified as a Boeing B767 with tail number N582HA flying at an altitude of 36,972′ and registered to Hawaiian Airlines produced an audible noise impact of 44 dB(A) at One Square Inch. An appeal was made to Hawaiian Airlines asking the airlines to voluntarily fly around Olympic National Park. Keoni Wagner, VP-Public Affairs, Hawaiian Airlines, gave a final response on April 25, “This area is not in our normal flight path. However, we do have aircraft in the area occasionally, when we have to perform test flights after maintenance work, and will ask our pilots to try to avoid the area in the future.”

Hawaiian now joins American and Alaska on the list of airlines that have taken voluntary action to preserve the quietest place in the United States. American Airlines does not fly any flights over the park while Alaska Airlines does not fly any unscheduled flights (e.g., test and maintenance flights) over the park. Alaska Airlines still remains the #1 intruder into the wilderness of Olympic Park with more flights over the park than any other airlines.

Fly responsibly! The next time you are waiting to board your aircraft ask the attendent to confirm with the pilot that your flight will not go over any noise-sensitive areas like national parks. And when possible, show your support by choosing American or Hawaiian. Your actions become the voice of silence!

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